Kendrick Place

Kendrick Place 4The Victorian Vernacular row houses are named for preservationist and visionary for a downtown Knoxville revival Kristopher Kendrick.  Built in 1916 for “utility and comfort” (Historic Downtown Knoxville Walking Tour,, the houses feature projecting iron balconies and neoclassical influences of the cornices.  The architect was unknown, but some report Benjamin Sprankle might have constructed them.  Sprankle built the Daylight Building and the Sprankle Building featured in the two previous posts, which housed TVA in its early years.  Since Sprankle built his own block of houses where he also lived a few streets over, others doubt his involvement in what was originally named Masonic Courts due to the location  adjacent to the Masonic Temple.

Kendrick renovated the Masonic Courts, and gained a reputation as a preservationist, for his work in protecting architectural, artistic, and historic legacies of Knoxville.  He was particularly focused on downtown and the Old City, and the success of the “downtown renaissance in the urban core” is attributed to his efforts (Josh Flory, October 12, 2012,

The key is to get people to want to move into historic buildings, and he did it.

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  1. socialbridge says:

    Adore the red brick. Lots of it here in Ireland.


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