New Sprankle Building: Home to the Tennessee Valley Authority

Pembroke block

Originally known as “The New Sprankle Building” in honor of the developer, Benjamin Sprankle, what is now the Pembroke was constructed in 1927, across the street from one of Sprankle’s other buildings, the Daylight.  Constructed in a “commercial vernacular style” (, the building housed the headquarters of TVA.  By 1933, TVA occupied 106 offices on 4 floors of the Sprankle.

Architect Roland Wank, who would design dams and power plants for TVA for several years, was located in the New Sprankle.

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In the 1980s, the building was renovated to residential condominiums and the name was changed to the Pembroke.  (I mean really, who would want to say you reside at “the Sprankle”)  In April of 2015, a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom 1130 square foot apartment sold for $295,000.  Probably a bit more upscale than when it was occupied during the Great Depression.

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