A whole latte of love…

My first latte from Suzassippi’s bistro

I am in love…I know, I fall in love easily. First it was Bob, then Rock, then Robby and Rosy. Now, it is my new coffee/latte/cappuccino maker, which I have because I am fortunate enough to be married to a man who still occasionally surprises me just because. My Keurig single serve which I bought for myself on a trip to Jackson years ago bit the counter a couple of weeks or so ago. I had to teach son J how to make pour-over coffee. This big machine arrived yesterday, and by evening, J had set it up and done the cleansing brew and made himself a cappuccino.

Wow, if only I had known how cool this would be! I am on my third latte since 8 this morning, but I am going to stop now. However, I think I will not need to take a nap today, and I may actually clean house now. Plus, finally a use for the giant latte-sized cup that used to be in my office!

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15 Responses to A whole latte of love…

  1. peggy says:

    Ha Ha No nap and possible no sleep at night. Enjoy.

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  2. socialbridge says:

    What a delicious surprise! Wish I could join you for a latte, as a complete coffee addict.
    Sleep well!!!!!

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  3. What a lovely gift!

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  4. Beth says:

    Looks like your bistro is in full swing!

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  6. I am jealous! Enjoy.

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  7. How sweet! Wise husbands do know not to mess between the woman and the coffee and to enable all enjoyment of said beverage. I am totally spoiled in that my husband brings me my coffee each morning, and knows not to talk to me until I have gradually reentered Earth’s atmosphere.

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