Let’s play “You be the judge”: An interior decorator multiple choice quiz.

Night Sky…and you see why this entry is not in the contest!

When we began the kitchen renovation planning, first we chose the cabinets and flooring. Next was the counter top, and finally, the tile for the backsplash. In the store, the small sample of the Night Sky looked perfect with all of the cabinets, flooring, counter top, and knobs/handles. The sample looked more white/clear/gold/beige/gray and the ‘sky’ color seemed much lighter. Once it all started coming together, I knew this would not work for me, even for as small an area as the backsplash. It is pretty, yes–and also pretty jarring! I would have to wear blinders to stay in the kitchen, IMO. So, yes, I nixed it and started looking at other options. [Note: this tile is not on the wall in my kitchen…but]

Home Depot has this nifty tool on their website that lets you look at the tile on their kitchen wall, or you can upload your own photo and try it out. Once we got the cabinets and appliances in and it looks more like my kitchen, I began to try out the various options and then we went to the brick and mortar store and brought home a sample.

Angora Subway

The Angora subway is a polished marble, and worked well with the counter top–which was installed Wednesday, the upper Breeze cabinets, and the lower Drift cabinets. The actual color of the tile itself varies slightly lighter than this application appears. The tile will be in next week, and hopefully, we will have it installed by the following week.

Another step closer to the grand finale! Angora subway: 2. Night sky: 0. Which would you have picked?

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25 Responses to Let’s play “You be the judge”: An interior decorator multiple choice quiz.

  1. The night sky would have made my eyes cross!! That would have made the rest of me cross, too. I like your restful backsplash. Happy cooking when it is installed!

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  2. I think I would like the Night Sky if there wasn’t so MUCH of it, perhaps a framed window of it just over the sink and the rest a light neutral. It’s really pretty, but too busy for the entire space.

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  3. Betty says:

    I definitely would pick the Angora subway – the marble one. It is classic. It does not overpower the cabinets and the sink. It blends and complements the other kitchen components. Color can be added with above the cabinet displays or on counter accents. Do I sound like a professional? I have watched enough HGTV to quality as a professional amateur. Excellent choice you made!

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  4. Katie says:

    I like the Night Sky, but yeah, it definitely looks pretty busy. Good choice on the Angora Subway – classic, simple, timeless, and much easier to look at.

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  5. Linda Rudd says:

    Angora Subway

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Can you imagine if I had picked something other than Angora subway and then asked this question? LOL Always good to know my friends and sisters by another mother have such good taste…and in case I did not, you could steer me correctly. Thanks, Linda, and always good to see you stop by.


  6. Beth says:

    The Angora is definitely the best choice for the cabinets and counter tops!

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  7. janebye says:

    Definitely the Angora Subway! I like the other one too but agree it could be overwhelming.

    I’m finally catching up!

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  8. janebye says:

    Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

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  9. The Night Sky looks a bit wild. I think you definitely made the right choice with Angora Subway. It looks great!

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  10. Definitely the Angora subway. The Night Sky is a bit much.😬

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