A work in progress from Taylor Hill

This will eventually become a vase, not a candle holder

It has been rain city here for 3 days and still counting, plus, the temperature dropped to freezing. Before the ice came, I made a run to the grocery store this afternoon. R said, “It is raining.” Yes, I know; I have been out in it with dogs. “It is cold.” Yes, I know that too. It was 33 when I was out with the dogs this morning. “Is there anything you just really need?” Food, but only if you want to eat. “Well, if you are going, then I need drinks.”

While it was raining and cold, there is something so humanizing to me about going to Larson’s when bad weather is coming. People in Kroger can be downright rude, including the checkers sometimes. I still try to be kind, first, because I think it is the right thing to do, and second, because I do not know what is going on in their lives. It was crowded and due to the weather, the store was closing early, so I was glad I had not tarried.What do I like about it? People speak, and sometimes when we are waiting on the same area to clear, we converse. I know who was there stocking up so she could make soup over the next few days, and who was having Chinese food for supper as soon as she found the wonton wrappers. I love that I can find anything I need and most of what I want in Larson’s, not to mention the absolute best meat, chicken, pork, catfish, and dairy/egg/cheese products in town. I love that the store is owned and operated by the same family for 75 years and that I see them in the store all the time. I stocked up for the next few days, including the supplies to make a couple of bread puddings. After all, when it is cold and raining and going to snow and ice, you don’t want to run out of bread pudding.

I have been working on a large vase for at least 2 weeks now, and it takes a lot of time due to the need for each area to dry thoroughly before the next part. [I have been tempted to post a spoiler preview, but I am holding out for the finished product.] Simultaneously, I started work on another bottle for a vase, and cut two at the same time for expedience. I am in process of gluing on the paper backing for adhering paint and clay and was using left over paper napkin pieces from the flatware on canvas piece. After layering a few pieces I just kept looking at it, wondering what it would look like with a candle glow. I tend to go into blog withdrawal after a few days, so I popped in a lavender candle and lit it. I still intend to finish it as a vase, but it was fun to see it in the darkening evening.

Taylor Hill through the window

Okay, I wish I had this view through my window. I took that photograph from Lion’s Head in Cape Town, looking toward Table Mountain through the trees and rolling clouds. Randy had it printed in poster size and surprised me with it one day. It is still one of my favorites. I picked up the Pocono Blues Festival poster in Clarksdale on our first trip over to the Juke Joint Festival.

So, that is it for Lottabusha tonight, and hopefully the snow and ice will not be too severe. Sending out warm wishes, love, hope and peace for the world. There but for the Grace of God go I.

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16 Responses to A work in progress from Taylor Hill

  1. Jessica says:

    I wish we had a store like that! Only big company stores here for groceries. Yours sounds really nice. I love the idea of family owned businesses. Your temporary candle holder is so beautiful. Your house looks like it has such a cozy feel. Did you end up with ice? We did- sleet yesterday and today. High was like 25 degrees today.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Jessica. I wish you had a Larson’s too–it just makes you feel like there are good people in the world, even when you do not know them personally. I liked the look of the temporary candle holder, but I really do have enough of those! And, cozy is a nice word for our home. It is simple, but hopefully a warm welcoming place. It will get down to 27 tonight, so the ice will come and not sure what tomorrow will bring, but luckily, we do not have to be outside in it. I hope you stay warm and safe, too!

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      • Jessica says:

        Same here, we don’t have to be out in it. Most businesses here (tiny town) are closed due to weather, so luckily I got necessities like you- before the weather rolled in. Your place definitely looks welcoming. It looks like it has ‘air down, let’s chat’ kind of feel and I love all your things you decorate with. Larson’s sounds like my kind of place. At our store here, the checkers get mad if my cart is full. They aren’t shy in their disgust that they have to ring up a l l my items! Now, I just ask straight up- ‘want me to go to a different line?’ I’ve spoken to the manager before- ha ha. Why should I spend $200 if the checker is mad when I try to check out? So, a family store sounds quit dreamy!

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      • Jessica says:

        oops- that was a ‘sit down, let’s chat’

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  2. I love stores like that, and usually the family-owned businesses are happy to consider requests for items you would like to see carried.
    Keep warm. Here we are already at zero last night, heading for the teens below with windchills of -50F. Needless to say, we are stocked up on wood for the fireplace!

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  3. Betty says:

    Your description of Larson’s reminds me of our local Midtowne Market. When you ask where something is, the employee walks you all the way to the product on the shelf. Their meat is wonderful. And I love the bakery – but mostly from afar unless I can come up with a good excuse to purchase something. The candle – future vase – is beautiful. The nice thing about bad weather is the cozy feeling we have once we are home safe with all our provisions – including those treasures that make our home home.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Betty. Larson’s has a bakery and a deli, and people are lined up at the deli at lunch time! I always check the bakery, and if they have a custard, I will occasionally get one. They make lovely custard pie and coconut custard, though I prefer the one without the coconut even though I love coconut cake and coconut cream pie. So good to see you back on tour!

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  4. Julia says:

    Your temporary candle holder is beautiful. Are you going to make some permanent candle holders since your temporary one came out so beautifully?

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